Beard Trimmers

All men grow facial hair and having to shave daily can become quite a hassle and a large % of men have sensitive enough skin that shaving irritates their face and neck. Like many other men I periodically grow a beard or goatee and need to trim it down and keep it looking presentable. Mustache trimmers are not that expensive (usually $50 or less) and they last a long time. I have gone through about 3 over the last decade and I must say that the Philips QT4070 Turbo Vacuum Trimmer is the best, at least in my opinion. One model to stay away from are the Sharper Image trimmers. My wife bought me one a few years back it doesn’t work that great and it was priced at almost double all the ones we have listed below. The one main purpose of a beard trimmer for me is to shave down my beard and leave myself with a goatee. I work from home and don’t have to shave everyday so letting my stubble grow a bit is convenient. After about 4 days of growth I start needing to trim it down and groom it a bit. If a week goes by, then I trim my beard and shave it off completely often leaving my goatee. Mustaches seem to be a thing of the past for my generation but we know that some men still prefer them and the Remington MB-4040 is the most popular mustache trimmer on the market. Gone are the days of that “hair pulling” sensation that some beard trimmers did and most models all perform admirably. Look for cordless beard trimmers when buying one since they are the most convenient. The rechargeable batteries usually keep a charge for hours and let you take it on vacation without having to worry about the charger. The trimmers with different cutting length adjustments are the best so you can quickly and easily trim your beard or mustache to the desired length. Some even have a memory function built in so you don’t have to guess which – find the propery length setting and let the trimmer remember it for next time. The high end Oster trimmers are what barber shops and even salons use – I know my barber recommends them but the Osters are too expensive for everyday beard trimming needs that most of us men have. Stick with the cheaper $50 and under models and you should still get great performance. RECOMMENDED – We suggest shopping online at for beard trimmers as they carry all the leading brand names at the lowest prices we could find. You can browse their entire inventory of beard trimmers online here.

Top 3 Beard Trimmers:
Reviews, Descriptions, and Pricing
1 Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard Trimmer Pro – For around $50 you get all the trimming power you need from the QT4070 from Philips. The integrated vacuum system is what makes this trimmer work so well. It captures your cut hairs which means no mess when trimming. There are 18 secured lengths – ranging from 1/32 inch all the way up to 23/32 inch. There is even a nice stubble setting if that is the look you are going for. The turbo power speed button increases cutting power and fan speed. The display on the trimmer shows you battery status and hair length setting. The Philips QT4070 is designed for both corded and cordless use. You get roughly 50 minutes of cordless use with a one hour charge. Great for traveling when you don’t want to bring along cords. Comes with a charging adaptor and cleaning brush. The QT4070 is a step up from the QT4022 and QT 4050.
2 Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Mustache and Beard Trimmer – I used to own a Remington before I bought the Norelco (listed above) and it always performed above average. I just wanted a change so I went with the QT4070. The MB4040 from Remington is top rated on Amazon and in other reviews we found online and it’s even cheaper than the Norelco. At $30 it’s hard to pass up the Remington which owners say is “perfect for trimming goatees and mustaches”. Simply adjust the zoom wheel to decide on which of the 9 length settings you want and trim away. For those of you that are fanatics about your sideburns, the popup trimmer will let you do the details work with precision. Runs off a cord, or go with the cordless option. There is an LED charging indicator and the blades never need oiling. The Remington beard and mustache trimmer is a “best value” in our eyes and certainly worth considering if you do more detail work with your facial hair.
3 Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer – Many people consider Wahl to be the top name in “beard trimmers” and although this is budget priced at less than $25, don’t think you are getting a low end model. The Wahl 9918-617 has high carbon precision ground steel blades, a six position beard regulator, and a contoured handle which makes trimming that much easier. Plug it into the charger or operate it with the battery as a cordless trimmer. Comes with a travel pouch and a 2 year warranty. The Groomsman trimmer is definitely a “bargain” in our eyes and several of my friends own it and say it’s great for “trimming daily stubble”.

Beard Trimmer Reviews

The web is loaded with sites dedicated to reviews on beard trimmers but we say stick with or Epinions were you can compare reviews on different models like those from Norelco vs Panasonic. Another excellent source is something like Consumer Reports magazine which periodically does tests on shavers and trimmers. Lastly, we say you should check with your barber and see what products they have used and which ones pass their test for reliable and solid performers.