Massage Tables

Whether you are a student in massage therapy school or a full fledged bodywork professional, owning a quality built massage table is the most important item you can have. We have worked with massage professionals for years and while in their offices we see the type of equipment they use and over time the brand Master Massage is the most popular model we have seen. When you are looking to buy a massage table, you need to consider several factors in your decision.

The type of massage work you do definitely plays an important role in the massage table you will eventually buy. Do you engage in vigorous bodywork or more general wellness therapy? The height of the massage table is important since you need leverage to give a proper massage. Most tables adjust from 22 inches to 35 inches in height which means that massage therapists from 5 to 6 feet in height should do fine. Table width usually ranges from 29″ to 31″ with the 30″ massage tables being the top sellers on several websites.

Many massage therapists travel with their tables, so you want a portable massage table that is easy to setup and breakdown in seconds. Versatility is a key component in the tables and one that is lightweight and has a carrying case is a huge plus. Transporting a heavy massage table will just wear you out. Weight capacity is not really an issue as most tables we research can handle clients well over 500 lbs if need be.

Safety is another concern as you want a massage table with sturdy legs and a durable resting area on top. Adjustable face cradles and padded arm shelves are nice features to have. Another option are the Therma-Top models with built in heat – massage therapists and clients say you get a more relaxing massage with deeper muscle relief. Massage therapy professionals – whether in an office or traveling to their clients – choose the Master Massage tables below more often than any other brand. You can see the entire list of top selling massage tables online here.

Top 3 Massage Tables:
Reviews, Descriptions, and Pricing
1 Master Massage Fitmaster Montana Portable Massage Table – This professional series massage table is great for student practitioners and full fledge massage therapists. Massage therapy has become very popular and keeping your clients comfortable is the #1 reason people buy the Master Massage tables. The Fitmaster Montana has a weight capacity of over 800 lbs, comes in either 28″ or 30″ sizes, and is height adjustable from 24 to 34 inches. The upholstery is very durable and will last for years and the Bridge-Lock leg system is perhaps the easiest we have seen yet, opening up in just seconds. The legs on the tables are made with metal alloy and they feature No-Mar scratch proof electrostatic finish. This salon sized bed is the #1 seller on Amazon on considered a “great value” by many of the owners, including some body care professionals in our office. Buy it Here
2 Master Massage Coronado Portable Massage Table – A top rated massage table that features the adjustable heating system which allows for the best massage possible by maximizing comfort and relaxing muscles. The 30″ wide salon size table is 72″ long and height adjustable from 24″ to 34″. The Coronado has extras like an adjustable face cradle, a face pillow, and a padded arm shelf that can be adjusted as well. The therapeutic heat is what owners say really helps them deliver a quality massage to their clients. The design is sturdy and the table weighs in at 35 pounds and can support 525 pounds of working weight and 2100 lbs of static weight. This lightweight, portable massage table is great for students, massage therapists, and even for home use. Comments from owners include “heating function and stability are unmatched” and “very stable table and lightweight”. You can Buy it Online Here
3 Master Massage Monroe Salon Size Portable Massage Table, 30 Inch – This 30″ salon sized portable massage table also has the option of getting the Therma Top which adds an additional $125 to the total. The table weighs just 34 pounds and makes it easy to transport around. You get a lifetime warranty on the Monroe massage table and the 2 1/4″ cell foam padding will keep your clients happy too. The telescoping legs let you adjust the table from 24 to 34 inches in seconds and we can’t say enough about the durable hardwood legs on this model. A well made product that is worth considering at just over $200. You can buy it online at for the cheapest price we could find on the Internet.

We don’t want the article to sound to biased towards Master Massage, but we found in our research their tables performed the best and provided the most versatility in portable massage tables. Other leading brands are the OneTouch massage tables which offer great value with many priced below $200. The most popular model is the OneTouch Portable that features 3″ luxury padding, a spa styled back rest, and a carrying case. Perfect for the beginning student or aspiring professional. You can also see the Custom Craftworks massage tables online here. They offer higher end stationary massage tables that cost $1000 and up. Their cheapest table is the MOORII Portable Massage Table Package which sells for just under $400, but we feel that the Athena Deluxe portable massage table is more versatile and a better buy.

Massage Table Reviews

When we searched online for independent and unbiased reviews to back up our findings, we only found a few sites worth mentioning. The best reviews are those left by owners on Epinions and You get in depth analysis of what tables offer the “most bang for your buck” and which ones perform as advertised. The vast majority of online reviews were favorable for almost all massage tables and very few “failed”. Be aware that several massage table review websites are just the manufacturers like Earthlite hiding in disguise. For instance, is just a domain owned by Earthlite and so the information you get from the site will definitely be biased towards their products.