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Buying a foosball table is a big investment as most quality tables are $500 to $1000. Sure you can go with the cheaper tables found at sporting goods stores or places like Walmart or Sears, but the table just won’t last. We decided to rate the top 5 tables on the market based on several attributes like durability, stability, playing surface, handles/grips, ball return, rods, and ease of assembly.

Top selling brands like Tornado, Carrom, Imperial, and American Heritage were put to the test and scored appropriately. When you consider who will be playing and how much play the table will get, that will answer many of the questions about which table to purchase. First things first, make sure you have room in your home for the table. You need extra space along the sides of the table so you can stand and play comfortably. DO NOT put it in a cramped area or else someone will get hurt. We suggest open game rooms, basements, garages, etc. The most durable tables tend to be those that are the heaviest. Higher quality components mean durability and less headache. Tornado is the most reputable table in America with tournament level foosball tables costing well over $2000. See Tornado foosball tables here.

You don’t have to spend that much, but the Tornado Sport (listed below) will set you back just under $1000. Look for tables made with composite, not pressed wood. Composite may be listed as MDF or HDF, it’s good because it doesn’t absorb moisture which can lead to warping or cracking. Should be at least 1″ thick and dent resistant. Another key component are the rods that go across the playing surface that hold the players. The rods should be made with steel construction. You will find solid, telescoping, and hollow. Hollow rods are an advantage, but most mid-range tables have solid steel options.

The five tables we tested were the Carrom 530.00 Signature, American Heritage Carlyle, Tornado Sport, Carrom 750.20 Agean, and the Garlando G-500. We are by no means tournament quality players, but many of us have 5 years playing experience and don’t have to spin the rods in order to get powerful shots. Spinning is looked down upon from good foosball players. See the results below. We will update the list when we try out new tables and give our feedback.You can browse the entire list of best selling foosball tables here.

Top 5 Indoor Ping Pong Tables:
Reviews, Comparisons, and Pricing
1 The Tornado Sport Foosball Table retails for about $950. This table is one we recommend for more than just home use. If you have an office, school, or church that is looking for a pub, quality foosball table, this is the one. A family could definitely enjoy this, but we suggest the Carrom table below simple because it’s cheaper and provide much of the same entertainment value a recreational player would want. As for the Tornado foosball table, the Mahogany Melamine finish on a 1″ thick cabinet adds a touch of class. Top rated features are SureGrip black plastic handles and height-adjustable legs with boot levelers. On to the assemble, we found that the hardest part was getting the rods to go thru the players on the poles. One creative owner suggests putting the legs on a 2nd block while hammering in the pin to the man. Comments like ‘sturdy’ and ‘versatile’ are just two words that are expressed repeatedly from owners and players. Great for company rec rooms or classic games in your basement. Check out the entire lineup of Tornado foosball tables here
2 Carrom 530.00 Signature Foosball Table (Moroccan) – Certainly one of our favorites, we’ve been playing on this table for years now with absolutely no regrets. The table retails for about $670, but compared to the junk out there for $300, this is worth the added investment. Foosball tables take a beating, especially if you have kids spinning the handles. The Carrom 530.00 features a 1 inch thick Moroccan finish, a 3/8″ playing surface that has enamel screen-printed graphics to keep wear to a minimum, and 5/8 inch chrome plated hollow steel rods and 8 sided hardwood handles. If you like to spin, then the premium bearings provide for a smooth and fast experience. The table levels accurately and quickly. Most owners agree that the corner ramps are a must so that the ball is always in play. The players on the rods are actually two types. One is counter-balanced with a wider tournament style foot pattern while the others are hand painted. At 160 pounds the table is sturdy and definitely constructed of solid materials. You’ll need 2 people to put together. Assemble is tedious (as are most foosball tables), so set aside some time and get it done. These are the type of tables that should easily last for years.
3 Garlando G-500 Soccer Table – There is no substitute for quality, and the Garlando G500 table from Imperial is as solid as they come. The soccer table features 1″ MDF butcher block cabinet and telescopic rods (16mm) in high resistance cold drawn steel. What we like are the heavy duty 4″x4″ metal legs covered with washable powder varnish. This table too weighs over 160 pounds, a good sign that the quality construction will hold up over years of aggressive play. We have played on tables that sell for $250 and they don’t hold up. Parts fail, legs aren’t stable, and piece fall off. Now at $900 you do have to ask yourself if the Garlando soccer table is better than the Tornado. We say based on features and player ratings, the Tornado is still the better buy at just over $50 more in price. The G500 will provide excellent stability, consistent playability, and an excellent appearance for any room in your home. A few of the cons on his table are that the players are not counter-balanced, there is no leveling adjustment for the legs, and assembly will take over 2 hours. The finished product is beautiful and your family will enjoy many hours playing foosball on this table.
4 Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table – Ok, so we put another Carrom foosball table into the mix. Carrom has been around for decades and it’s the type of table that we all grew up on playing. Plus, this table is actually made in the United States. The biggest issue we have with the table is the color (strange green), but otherwise it performs quite well. It’s very similar to the other Carrom table listed above except it’s over $100 cheaper. There is the 1 goalie or 3 goalie option when assembling. Speaking of assembly, it can be a bit rough and a few people even mention Youtubing for directions online to get it straight. Yes, the instructions are a bit vague – pictures don’t match words precisely. BE patient and you’ll get it together within a few hours. Watch out for things liked warped rods or chipped men, if that occurs you can send those parts back for new ones. Many parents say the foosball table has finally gotten their kids off the couch and up and playing something other than video games. We couldn’t agree more. Foosball is a great game and this table goes great in family rooms, dorms, or recreational rooms at schools.
5 American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table – priced just under $800. If nothing more, this is the most beautiful foosball table on the market. The striped rugby competitors, classic parquet playing surface, and elegantly trimmed cabinet are just a few of the features that make this table stand out. The table is made from maple veneer and has an espresso finish. The table measures 62 inches long, by 30.5 inch wide, and 34.5 inches high. The table is heavy so two people are necessary when lifting from the curbside delivery or just putting it together. Once again, assemble is not difficult, but a bit time consuming. This is the one table we were unable to test for the article as it was unavailable. We did read reviews as posted online and found that the majority of owners were very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend the table to others.

Foosball Table Reviews

If you want to read up on more reviews for foosball tables, we suggest going online to You get in depth comments on Shelti, Bonzini, Atomic, Carrom, Harvard, Sportscraft, DMI Sports, Halex, Fat Cat, and Brunswick. Our other favorite source is They typically carry all the leading brands as well and give you hundreds of owner reviews with pros and cons to each table. The one warning we give all our readers is this – Don’t be fooled by negative reviews based around ‘assembly’ issues. Yes, foosball tables do require some time to assemble, but just because it takes a few hours to put together doesn’t mean it deserves a low rating. We see too many posted reviews with a 2 out of 5 stars and the only reason they rate it so low is because the instructions were bad or the table was a bit complicated to assemble. Believe us, most tables take over an hour and many require 2 adults to lift the table.

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