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When you travel do you often wish you had brought your golf clubs along to play a round or 2? If you like to play golf, then owning a golf travel bag is a must so that you can take your ‘sticks’ on the road and enjoy a round of golf. We all know that traveling can be a hassle and certainly taking a full set of golf clubs is a hassle. That is unless you have a quality travel golf bag. For years I was reluctant to take my clubs along on vacations or business trips. Now that I own a Club Glove Burst Proof, my worries are gone.

I never thought that clubs could arrive in one piece but with the improved travel bags for golf, golfers are taking clubs on more trips. Each year a group of buddies and I travel down from Oregon to Arizona and Nevada to enjoy warmer weather and try out new golf courses. On our last trip I realized how many different types of golf travel bags we were all using. The reviews below are based on feedback from my group and I also consulted with local golf shops and read dozens of reviews online posted by actual owners of these products.

The findings were consistent, although some offer superior features than others and we will go into each one down below. The good news is that for $60 you can get a decent golf travel bag (best for local trips) while the more expensive bags are $200, but you can travel on airplanes with those bags knowing that your clubs are safe down below in the luggage/cargo area. The one thing I learned is that the hard cover bags are no longer preferred as they are bulky and cumbersome.

The newest soft shell bags are padded in all the right places and many offer ‘support systems’ that when put in place will prevent things like your driver from bending or being broken in two. Bag Boy has the Backbone and Club Glove has the Stiff Arm. Both perform the same function – these types of add ons were not available years ago when they first made the soft shell golf travel cases. After many a complaint from golf toting customers about broken driver heads, the manufacturers got smart.

We have included one hard shell designed case below (the SKB) since it does get excellent reviews online and is worth considering. The rest are soft shell (don’t let the name fool you) design. Browse the top rated golf travel bags here.

Top 5 Golf Travel Bags:
Reviews, Comparisons, and Pricing
1 Club Glove Burst Proof With Wheels 2 – The #1 seller on golfing websites and in sporting goods stores. Club Glove is a well recognized name in the industry and in our group of 8 guys, 4 own the Club Glove. At $220 it’s not the cheapest amongst the bunch, but there were zero complaints. When you stand it up against the cheaper CaddyDaddy, you will instantly see the superior fabric strength and design. Don’t get us wrong, the CaddyDaddy is great for shorter trips, say in your car. If you plan on going on an airplane and checking your golf clubs, then the Club Glove Burst Proof is the one for you. The wheels with bearings make for easy maneuvering through airports, rental car parking lots, and hotel lobbies. There is plenty of interior space for things beyond golf clubs. I usually load mine up with extra shoes, sweathsirts, clothes, etc. All the components – zippers, straps, clips, and handles – are well made and certainly durable enough for this golf travel bag to last for years. In our group, one guy had taken his on 14 golfing trips without an incident. Online reviews verify our groups findings. The comments as posted on Amazon are near perfect with the only complaints being about price. Yes, it’s $220, but keep in kind you are protecting a $300 golf driver and an iron set that is on average $500. Well worth the piece of mind that your clubs are safe and secure.
2 CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Bag Cover – An excellent option for trips that may not require getting on an airplane. The ultra-durable 600D nylon construction is nice and the wheels make for easy rolling. I used to own this one and I really like the oversized pockets for things like shoes. I feel like the quality is just a notch below that of the Club Glove and that is why we don’t recommend this bag for those that travel a lot with their golf clubs. We read several reviews online that mentioned ‘tearing’ or ‘ripping’ of the material after just a few trips on an airplane. Again, if you are handling the bag cautiously that is one things, but to have a baggage handler throwing the bag around is another.
3 SKB 2SKB-4812WS ATA Standard Golf Travel Case – Ok, here is the only hard cover travel bag that made the list. One of our golfing friends uses this style and he is very happy with the design and longevity of his SKB. At $125 it’s really great value given that the Club Glove is almost twice as much. The bag will handle up to 48″ drivers and it will accommodate almost all standard golf bags. There is a $1500 club guarantee from SKB, not bad. Comes with a lift handle, tow handle, and wheels. Besides a few owners that mention the tough fit in a rental car trunk, most owners are totally happy with the SKB since it’s so solid. Our only complaint is the bulky size of the bag. Say you go to a hotel room and unload your golf clubs, what do you do with this huge hard shell case? Not easy to fold up or put in a smaller space like the soft shell designs. Something to consider before buying.
4 Ogio Mammoth Golf Travel Bag – Ogio is one of the more popular names in golf bags, especially for those of us that carry our bags around 18 holes each week. Ogio has a reputation for designing solidly built golf bags and this travel bag does not disappoint. The oversized padded top compartment provides all the protection you will need around the club heads. There are internal cinch down straps to keep your bag and clubs securely in place. There is a removable shoe pocket with carrying handle. The four swivel wheels are a great feature as the bag can easily roll when upright. The bag may be a bit too much for some, but in reviews by experts and consumers, the Ogio Mammth scores high. We saw an article posted by Golf Channel in which they rated the top travel bags and Ogio was in their list. No one in our group owns this particular model, but we have experience with Ogio and know the quality associated with the name.
5 Bag Boy T-700 Wheeled Travel Cover – It’s hard to write a golf article on accessory items and not include a product from Bag Boy. The T700 is much cheaper than their T2000 and reviews are very comparable. One guy in our group has the T-700 is very happy with it so far. Like all the bags, there is extra thick padding at the top to help prevent club damage. Not a bad idea to buy the Backbone travel support system for $25 and make sure your clubs stay in one piece. The full wrap around zipper makes for easy packing and unloading, but if the zipper goes in any spot, the bag could be rendered useless. Owner reviews are mostly positive, only a few complaints about quality, but then again they are comparing it to $200+ alternatives and that may not be a fair fight. For the price, it’s right up there with the Caddy Daddy in terms of quality. For less than $100 you can get a solid bag to protect your golf clubs when traveling.

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