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Pilates has gained in popularity over the last decade and now you are seeing the pilates reformer machines in yoga and pilates studios and in homes. The residential pilates reformers are generally priced below $1000, with a few standout products above that range. A quality, home pilates reformer from a company like AeroPilates will set you back about $900. We love our pilates workouts and were sick of paying high prices to keep going to the pilates classes with an instructor. Yes, having the reformer pilates machine to work out on is great, but ultimately we wanted to do those same exercises in the comfort of our house.

With the guidance of our pilates instructor and several leading pilates blogs and websites, we were able to find the 4 most popular pilates machines on the market and rate them based on various attributes. There are essentially 4 brands to choose from – Stamina AeroPilates, Balanced Body, Peak Pilates, and STOTT Pilates. Stamina offers up the largest selection from their Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP556 (also the XP557) down to their Stamina AeroPilates 700. Balanced Body has the Allegro Reformer and the Pilates IQ Reformer (both studio quality machines). STOTT Pilates has the SPX Reformer bundle, SPX Max Plus, and the V2 Max Plus. Their pilates machines are expensive – lowest starting price is $2500. The Peak Pilate System Deluxe is also commercial quality and price at $5000.

Which one is right for you? As you can see the prices are all over the board and we found excellent reviews for all the pilates machines at every level. It comes down to features you want, ease of storage, and some of the accessory items (rebounder, jumpboard, box, arc). The Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP556 is our all-time favorite with a midrange price, lots of exercise options (cardio rebounder included) and near perfect reviews from owners and pilates studio owners. We’ve used this machine over the last year in our house and it’s held up exceptionally well. Even the Stamina AeroPilates 700 is a good starter pilates machines for beginners that want basic workouts. It’s priced cheaply enough that consumers are willing to sacrifice a few things and save on price. Overall, the Stamina 700 gets excellent feedback from consumers who say it does the job just fine.

We really like the STOTT PILATES At Home SPX Reformer Bundle, but at $2500 it’s hard to justify this one for home use unless you are going to be on it daily. That’s a big commitment on price – although reviews are near perfect for that model. The Balanced Body Pilates IQ Reformer is another high end option – less costly than the STOTT machine. The Pilates IQ is a step down from their commercial Allegro 2 Reformer, yet still professional grade with durabilty and parts that last. Pilates is a great workout routine that will transform your body over time and if you can afford a home pilates reformer, we suggest checking out the listings below. There is a price level for everyone and all machines rated highly by experts and consumers.

Top 4 Pilates Reformers:
Reviews, Comparisons, and Pricing
1 Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 556 – The best home pilates machine we could find. Excellent feedback from pilates instructors and consumers using at home. The XP 556 comes with a free cardio rebounder and with over 100 exercises you can do on this machine, the workouts are endless and interesting. The Stamina 556 provides low-impact cardio exercise and it’s elevated 15 inches off the ground (easier to get on and off than a pilates mat). The frame is made with heavy duty steel and the carriage will glide smoothly while you are doing your workouts. All the ropes, straps, and hand grips are adjustable so you can quickly adjust resistance levels as you progress. Headrest is adjustable and well padded. Assembly is easy and the final product is solid, durable, and will save you money from having to go to your local pilates studio just for a basic workout.
2 STOTT PILATES At Home SPX Reformer Bundle – For those looking for a step up from the Stamina AeroPilates XP556 (above), the STOTT SPX Reformer will not disappoint. These are the type of machines you find in high end pilates studios all across the US. The STOTT pilates machine is bundled with all the accessory items you could need – reformer box, platform extender, metal roll-up bar, and 2 workout DVDs. We like the 4 full tension and 1 half tension reformer springs – you can always get some variety with resistance. We found that working out on the SPX Reformer from STOTT vastly improved our core strength and flexibility within 60 days. Our endurance and mobility improved as well. The stand puts you 9 inches above the ground, a touch lower than the XP556 from Stamina. Carriage rolled fine along the rails and the headrest is comfortable. Storage is still a bit of a pain with this one, but there are wheels on one end so you can easily lift and move it. Over 250 pilates exercises are possible on this 110 pound machine. Well built with commercial grade parts.
3 Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer – Another excellent option from Stamina. The 700 Pilates Reformer is priced just right for consumers (less than $500) and you can still get all the benefits of a studio pilates workout at home. The Stamina reformer comes with stand, cardio rebounder, neck pillow and DVDs. We like the low-impact cardio workouts with the rebounder – easy on the joints unlike treadmills. Take on more advanced exercises by being elevated 10 inches off the ground with the stand. Regular pilates mat workouts leave you wanting more sometimes, the Stamina 700 Reformer allows for a great cardiovascular workout. Weight capacity is up to 250 pounds and users can be anywhere from 5 feet up to 6 foot 4 inches. Great for those rehabing nagging injuries or those with chronic back issues. Once you master the techniques on the various exercises, you can up the resistance and start building your physique again. You will need a dedicated place to store it, they are not small pieces of exercise equipment. Overall, the 700 Reformer is a great entry level pilates reformer for those that want a solid home workout.
4 Pilates IQ Reformer – We like the Pilates IQ from Balanced Body slightly better than their Allegro2. The Pilates IQ reformer has a telescoping frame so it will lengthen for use and shorten when you need to store it (great for those with limited space). The library style wheels let you move the pilates reformer around your house or apartment easily and it will store upright in closets or tight spaces. The Balanced Body pilates reformer is a studio quality reformer with a professional grade carriage and footbar. The headrest will adjust to 3 positions so you can find the spot just right for your body type. This particular reformer has no official stand that lifts you off the ground, it rests on the built-in non skid standing platform. The springs give you consistent resistance and adjustments are simple and fast. An outstanding pilates refomer that is about as close as you can get to the professional pilates machines as possible for your home.

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