Ping Pong Tables

Are you looking for a quality, indoor ping pong table? Our article below will go into the 5 most popular tables on the market and compare them directly based on essential features. With over 50 years playing experience on our staff, we have seen our fair share of ping pong tables and understand just what features make or break a table. We tested JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table, the Butterfly Rollaway, Stiga Triumph, the Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway, and the Hathaway Victory Professional Table Tennis Table. All the tables were priced from $400 to $700 and available for purchase online. We rated them based on qualities like ease of assembly, top thickness, leg sturdiness and adjustability, price, and how easy they are to move around once fully assembled.

Let’s start with the big question – How long does it take to assemble? We found that many of the modern tables are promising owners less than 30 minutes to assemble the entire table. The JOOLA is up and running in about 20 minutes – one of the easiest we came across. The Butterfly Personal Rollaway had us a bit worried as we had read reviews of it taking 2 or 3 hours to assemble. With 2 people, we had it all together in 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Killerspin MyT5 was less than 30 minutes to put together and the Stiga Triumph was up in 25 minutes. Even easier was the Hathaway. So for those that are dreading the whole assembly thing, the only one that may take a little time is the Butterfly table.

Top thickness – typically the lessor quality tables will have tops that measure 5/8″ to 3/4″ thick and the high end tables have 1″ thick tops. There was no noticeable bounce issues amongst all the tables that were tested and balls bounced consistently even with severe topspin or underspin shots. The main thing with the table legs is that they are sturdy and can be adjusted if needed to level the playing surface. If you are planning on putting the table on a hardwood floor or tile flooring, then leveling is easy. For those that want to place the table on carpet, you may have to make slight adjustments if there are low spots. All tables had sturdy legs and wheels (some with locking mechanisms) that helped make moving the table simple. The best part of these indoor tables is that they fold up nicely and become quite compact if you want to store them. If you want to hit by yourself, make sure the table you purchase has the ability to fold into the playback position.

Indoors/Outdoors – The 5 table tennis tables we reviewed and compared are all meant for indoor play. That doesn’t mean you can’t wheel them outside and play near your pool or patio. Just make sure the table gets returned indoors and stored properly inside when the weather gets bad. The problem is that the table tops will warp, crack, or peel if exposed to moisture.

If you want an outdoor ping pong table, we recommend checking out Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables – they have all the latest feedback and reviews posted on their website. Our staff rated all the tables independent of each other and then we took those scores and tallied them up to find out which tables scored the highest across all categories and then we took the averages to determine the top rated ping pong tables.

The playing abilities of our staff range from professional/expert to recreational so the opinions and feedback were based on a wide range of player ability. We feel this provides the most accurate rating system for mid-range table tennis tables. You can view the finding below. We suggest reading up on each brand and determining your budget level before committing to any particular model.

Top 5 Indoor Ping Pong Tables:
Reviews, Comparisons, and Pricing
1 JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table – Fast assembly (20 minutes), a 5/8 inch top and dual safety locking devices make the JOOLA the near perfect table for casual players or families. There is no need to spend $600 on a recreational table if you plan on just having fun and not taking it too seriously. The JOOLA table has all the features you want and for about $400. The table is actually two separate halves – each side has 4 wheels. It’s really easy to move the table around and when it comes to storage there aren’t many on the market that get more compact. We like the 1.5 inch diameter steel automatic legs which provide plenty of stability. The 5/8 inch wood composite surface gives players a consistent ball bounce. In terms of long term durability, we read owner reviews online which said the table holds up extremely well with no visible warping or table uneveness. Ours has been in the warehouse for 2 years and appears brand new even with regular play. For the money, it’s hard to find a table that will compare to the JOOLA.
2 Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table – Certainly one of our favorites, we’ve been playing on Butterfly tables for over a decade. We especially like the ball ‘bounce’ from the Butterfly TR21. Recreational players that hit ‘flat’ shots may not notice the difference, but with our topspin and slice shots we appreciate the way the ball reacts once it hits the table. The top features to the table are a 3/4″ wood table top, 1 1/2 inch steel railing rim, and 1 inch steel legs. The drawbacks compared to the JOOLA are things like price (it’s $75 more), takes longer to assemble, and the table is not quite as compact when all folded up. If you want slightly better ball ‘action’, then the TR21 will give you superior ball play. As for the assembly, our team here has had years of experience putting together ping pong tables, so for us it was not difficult, just time consuming. If you are like lots of other buyers that aren’t handy at assembling products, you may want to go with another brand. You are looking at an extra 30 minutes to an hour, but the table is definitely excellent quality.
3 Killerspin MyT4 Pocket Series – Ok, if you want a table that is easy to assemble, the KillerSpin MyT4 Pocket Series is probably right near the top of the list. Takes about 15 minutes to put together. Even the reviews we found online for this table (from homeowners) mention the ease of assembly. Again, like the JOOLA, the table is essentially two halves that come together as one. At first, the idea of two tables was odd to us, but we have to admit that the end result is very simple. We see more of these tables in high use areas – like business recreation rooms or in schools or churches. The quality can be seen from the start with the tables weight, sturdy legs, and superior playing surface. Some people mention the MyT4 as being a ‘great family ping pong table’. At $600 you would expect different quality than the $400 JOOLA and that is what you get. Choose the table top color – blue or black. As with most tables, you get the safety locking system so that the table stays secure when playing. Rolls easy on hardwood floors and even carpets. Since the table weighs so much, it usually gets delivered by a freight truck. This means the delivery guy will wheel the table on a pallet into your garage or similar area. Definitely a top of the line recreational table, but if you plan on getting lots of use for it, the table will hold up with no problems.
4 Hathaway Victory Professional Table Tennis Table – Names can be a bit misleading and we would say this is one of those cases. The table is definitely not a ‘professional’ table like those from Cornilleau or high end KillerSpin tables, but we will say that for the money you are getting some features not found on other tables in this price range. The Hathaway Victory does meet the standards of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) with a 1 inch thick CARB certified MDF playing surface which is comprised of 20 layers of high quality coating. The result is consistent bounces throughout the entire playing surface. The 2 inch diameter powder coated steel legs are some of the biggest you’ll find in the recreational table tennis market. The eight 5 inch diameter locking wheels make moving the table ‘smooth and effortless’ as described by one reviewer online. The table also comes with 2 paddles and 3 balls. A few local table tennis clubs own several of these and when our team plays in their home gym we get plenty of practice on this exact table. Hathaway is not a well recognized name in the industry, but we found the tables to be uniform in bounce and very high quality given they are less than $500. Assembly is easy, although be warned this one is quite heavy (over 250 pounds).
5 STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table – Stiga is perhaps the most recognized name amongst recreational ping pong players. Many of our staff grew up playing on Stiga tables, myself included. Assembly is not diffcult, just different than the other tables we have listed in our top list here. The support design, or chassis, requires some skill to get in place, but there is an excellent video on that shows the entire assembly process step by step. If you get lost in the instructions, just go to the product page on Amazon and check ou the video. The blue top is 5/8 inch thick with a 2 inch steel apron. The table comes with a quality net and post. Many parents like the safety feature of having the plastic corner guards. On some tables there is a sharp exposed corner – dangerous for little ones running around the table. The Stiga Triumph has the guards which make all the difference. Our playing time on this table is the least of all the tables reviewed. It’s not our favorite of the bunch, but it gets the job done. Stiga makes quite a few recreational tables great for offices, home use, or school environments. The Stiga ping pong tables have always held up just fine, but we prefer the quality of the other brands just a bit better. Small differences on leg design, nets, and consistent ball bounces are things we noticed when compared to the other tables.